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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to one of my dearest friends Kim! This cute animal print cake is for you!

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DJ Dojah is a beastly Dj

Dj Dojah was rocking his beastmark tee at the playboy mansion and sent me this pic. You look purrrfect Dojah :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

That Beast Gaga

This is just one of the many amazing costumes from Gaga's new Telephone video with Beyonce. Of course I'm mentioning this one because of it's beastly print.

You are doing your self and injustice by not seeing her new video. I'm a huge fan and love that she continues to do things the way that she wants.

Being a child of the Mtv generation I miss the creativity that was once displayed in videos. I used to run home after school and just watch videos for hours. The combination of fashion, music, dance and even a mini story line of videos is a recipe I love. Seeing all these elements again in the Telephone video brings me back to a time that was really creative for me. The music industry as well as other industries (car design and house design to name a few) have lost this sense of exploration.

Thank you Lady Gaga for bringing back the nostolgic feelings I felt as a young creative person and I think it's awesome that she is inspiring a whole new generation of artists to do the same thing. Break the rules. Try something different. Be yourself. And of course wear animal print if you can.

See the entire video here