Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nail it!

Whenever I'm bored I always end up doing animal print on my nails. For a while I was only doing the left hand because I wasn't ambidextrous enough, but I have moved onto the right hand recently. There are tutorials on line if you need some help or you can go to the salon. One of my favorites is MINXNAILS. (Mostly known for their metallic foil transfers) But if you look through their nail gallery they have some really great snake skin nails.


  1. It is cool!! I really love them.
    Make up and Nails are perfect.
    I am a bit unhappy because my english is too poor. I only speak Spanish.
    Amazing video!!!

  2. cool but do you think a nail salon could do that

  3. omfgggggggggg lykkk im in luvv with animall printt n i have tried soo mant times to do my nails lyk tht soo this tutorial really helped!!!!!!!!!!