Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grace Jones

Of all places to grab inspiration I was really moved watching Grace Jones being interviewed on Johnny Carson. Only for a quick second did it really get that deep for me but she said something that really touched on some of my own revelations lately

"Always stay amatuer never a become professional"

I love this because it's so true. The minute you become too professional your creativity suffers. You become more guarded and stop experimenting. I'm not really talking about becoming unprofessional at work(any more then I already am).....but just reminding myself to be totally unprofessional when I'm creating stuff of my own.

Grace Jones Johnny Carson Interview 1985

Seriously this Slave to the Rhythm video is completely ridiculous but totally visually stimulating if you can get past the video in the background that obviously inspired the video style of all karaoke bars in chinatown or Korea towns across america. I actually remember watching this video on mtv when I was younger.

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