Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Had me at Jungle

I found this awesome Lego creation one night and bookmarked it to write about when I had more time. I just thought it was an intense lego creation that deserved sharing...WELL could imagine my surprise and utter happiness when I saw the attached description on its flickr page. clicker here to view his other creations.

very deep,
ancient trees with ancient roots,
vines that wind, aligned through time
while reptiles dine upon rotting corpse

Parachute jumper, a former treasure hunter
Caught in trees canopies he struggles to break free

His map,
dropped and laid before him,
Showing him where he never made it.

Black snake bite hard,
the venom makes him feel elated

Struggle gone,
desire stolen,
he died slowly and felt golden,
Here in the jungle,
on the vine,
his corpse hangs for all of time...

-Andrew Colunga

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