Saturday, May 29, 2010

Give a Hoot

If we would have just listened harder to Woodsy Owl in the 70's we might be in a better world today.

It's sad that it's been 40 years and we are still having pollution problems. Between the oil spill or just the ignorant people that live on my block and throw garbage everywhere I worry about the future of not only animals but humans. And its not just the people on my block it's people in power like Sarah Palin saying "drill drill drill" It's ridiculous. And what's more ridiculous are the followers of these total idiots. More and more the world is turning into that movie Idiocracy. The human race is digressing. We are inventing less. Polluting more. And the arts are dying. To see someone as talentless as Ke$ha making it big I have totally lost faith in the future to come.

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