Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tiger Truck Stop

On our way to Louisiana we passed The Tiger Truck Stop. This is the home of Tony the tiger. He's lived there for 9 years. There has been allot of controversy over Tony's freedom. Many animal rights activists have fought to have him moved to a big cat sanctuary yet the owners fight for the right to keep this long time pet and member of their family.


  1. The fight for Tony's relocation to an accredited big cat sanctuary continues. Please support efforts to help Tony, a 10 year old tiger used as a roadside attraction at a truck stop in Grosse Tete Louisiana. Please sign Tony’s petititons, join his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter and share the links and his story. July 2010 marks the tenth year Tony has been at the truck stop.. A captive tiger’s lifespan with the proper medical care, diet, habitat and enrichment is 15 to 20 years. Something must be done NOW to give Tony a quality life before it’s too late.

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  2. It's so upsetting that they continue to keep this poor animal there, simply because they've been doing it for a long time, so it's supposedly a tradition of some sort. A tiger doesn't belong at a truck stop, and he doesn't have much quality of life. Why not do the humane, compassionate thing and let him live out his remaining years in a big cat sanctuary? He deserves it.

  3. Cannot believe that Tony is still locked up there. What is wrong with the authorities!

  4. This magnificent animal deserves to go to a Sanctuary. Keeping him to promote a business is so ungodly selfish I just can't understand why they don't see that. This is not right. I wish they would be able to feel that, and be kind, and let the tiger live a good life for him.

  5. such a sad life. I don't know why people have to be so ignorant. hugs & prayers to Tony!!

  6. The words "it brings us great joy to be able to provide this exhibit for your enjoyment." really say it all. Who's "best interests" are they concerned about? They talk about "their joy". They call him "an exhibit for others to enjoy". There you go. Members of the family live in the house! We don't exhibit them!

  7. Look at poor Tony in those photos. All he has to do all day long is pace back and forth in his concrete cage. I seriously doubt that Michael Sandlin treats the other "members of his family" like that. In the past Sandlin has sold and raffled off tiger cubs to people passing through his truck stop. He also has the body of one of his tigers stuffed and on display over the salad bar in the restaurant. There's no dignity for these poor animals, even after their death.

    Tony is not a "pet" - there is no interaction between Tony and his owner besides Tony being feed by Sandlin's employees. Meanwhile Tony is constantly exposed to the toxic diesel fumes by the semi trucks that idle in the parking lot that is right next to his cage. He is taunted night and day by visitors to the truck stop. He knows no peace. He deserves a much better life than this.

  8. It would be far from an exaggeration or misleading to say that Tony's life has been robbed from him by one man....This Beautiful Endangered Tiger being held in captivity since he was born. Never had the chance or the privilege to know what life would have been like in the wild. Never had the chance to smell that sweet smell of 'Life'.
    All because of one man's greed and lack of respect for creatures like yourself.
    Those who truly love you Tony, those who truly believe that your right on this planet belongs to you, and you alone, are Fighting hard for you Handsome Boy.
    We won't give up until you get YOUR LIFE back. We won't give up until you get that chance to experience that Life that was Robbed from you. I, over and over have visioned have dreamed of you one day soon, stepping unto your new Living Space in a Big Cat Sanctuary..I have visioned you lifting your head and taking in all the wonderful smells of your fellow brothers and sisters that will be near you.I have visioned you experiencing what a real pool of fresh clean water will feel for you on those hot summer days. I have visioned you rolling around in the grass and lying there in total trucks, no highways..just the sounds of nature.
    I have visioned the spirit slowly returning to those Golden eyes of yours. I have visioned the sense of Peace as I picture your face....and I have felt your Soul, rejuvenated for the Very First Time Of Your Life...
    I vision, I dream, I hope, I pray, and I will never stop fighting until you Beautiful Boy have this...
    Anyone who reads this. Please help give TONY THE TIGER his life BACK. Please sign, share and share until you cant share anymore this petition I am attaching to stop Michael Sandlin from having his permit renewed. So Tony can have his life back. Ty xo

  9. I have been signing petitions and keeping up with Tony's progress. I like to think that he will be in an animal sanctuary where he can roam free and be out of that cage now!!!!

  10. I will keep sharing and writing letters I will not stop running my mouth about you beautiful,beloved boy!! GODSPEED to a loving sancuary!!

  11. May this Year Of The Tiger be the one that sets Tony free from his concrete cage at that damned stinky truckstop!

  12. Tony is a beautiful animal, he deserves so much more than this jail. I cant even stand being next to a regular gas station more than a few minutes. Can you imagine how Tony must feel? Breathing those fumes in day and night for 10 years? Isnt it time he gets a real home?