Sunday, July 19, 2009

Philadelphia Day Trip

Last weekend I took my out of town house guests to Philadelphia. Of course while we were there we did a couple sightseeing things you have to do while you're in Philly. You know Liberty Bell, Rocky stairs at the Art Museum and getting an authentic Philly Cheese steak.  In the area around the Liberty Bell are hundreds of horse drawn carriages. Since this blog is to celebrate all the inspiring things about animals and the things that surround them I wanted to show you all the awesome leather work, bridle work, and tail braiding that I saw.

When I was taking  pictures of this guy I found out by the driver of this carriage that his name was Martini. Then she went on to start scolding Martini to look more excited while I took the photos. I told her that I would have a hard time looking too excited if I had a bedpan attached to my butt.  I know there seems to be some tension surrounding how some think that this is a unfair treatment of the horses and I'm not going to dispute that or encourage it. 

But I'm 100% sure if I had to walk around with a bed pan attached to my butt and people would come take pictures of me I probably wouldn't look too excited. Well this women took my comment to be some kind of activists protest and she started lecturing me on ...well....I'm not really sure what point she was trying to make. She said something about how I should see how horses are in the wild and that I should start watching the discovery channel to be more in tune with what goes on in the wild. Honestly I think she was drunk. My guess Martini's... I slowly backed away and moved onto the next horse. So if you are ever in Philly and you see a horse named Martini do not..I repeat DO NOT make any smart comments about the pail attached to his's a touchy subject

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