Friday, July 17, 2009

Troll Animals

Trolls are bad, mischievous creatures
 who live in caves, in logs, and under bridges. 
They are considered to be good luck
 which is why so many collect them. 
The creator of Trolls, the beloved plastic Troll dolls we know so well. was Thomas Dam.  He made his first troll in his self image out of wood. The original Trolls were made of natural rubber and filled with wood shavings. The wigs were sewn out of sheepskin. As their demand grew Thomas formed a company called "Dam things" They moved onto a more production friendly type of soft rubber and finally vinyl, but the other elements still remain handmade to ensure each Troll is special.  

Their popularity met a plateau in the mid 1960's, until cheap replicas flooded the market which caused it's presence to become invisible by the 1980's. Trolls did make a comeback in the 1990's. Now you can only get the Dam Trolls  in Denmark.

 Some of the rarest and most sought-after Trolls include Animals Trolls.  See Thomas Dam's other Trolls and other work here


  1. That donkey belongs to a friend of mine. Did you get permission to use her picture?

  2. who are you? You link to Soeren's page.

  3. That elephant is mine, where did you get my picture?